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Yerba Mate Tea is an herb that has been made into an infusion for centuries.  It has incredible healing and weight loss properties that strengthen and tone the body.  We have organic yerba mate flavors, yerba mate sets, mate straws or bombillas and yerba mate gourds.  These are great gifts.


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Wear your Yerba on Your Sleeve... No, really!

Melissa Cassell

We now have tee shirts listed in the shop! Make sure you don't miss out on them! There are a total of six different designs available that come in 4 different colors each. All tees are made of 100% breathable cotton which means they are perfect for the gym or yoga class! Finally, with all shirts having a close-knit feel they look good on all body types! Check them out now!

Can Yerba Mate Tea Improve the Look of Your Skin?

Melissa Cassell

Age Spots

Did you know that there is an enzyme that is linked to age spots and sun spots? Yerba Mate Tea works on that enzyme and lessens its effect. So, when you drink yerba mate, you might see less aging and discoloration.


Because yerba mate is a powerful antioxidant, it reduces puffiness in the skin.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The antioxidant effect also works on lines on the face, the classic sign of aging.

UV Damage

The Vitamin C in the yerba helps supports the skins effort to protect itself from UV damage.

Redness and Ruddiness

The Tumeric in our DETOX blend helps the skin immensely. It helps reduce the redness caused by inflammation.

In addition to the yerba, good skin comes from whole real foods that nourish and encourage moisture in the skin. You will also want to drink water throughout the day (not flavored water!) starting with warm lemon water in the morning.  It is true that good skin starts from the inside. To find out more about our blends, or if you are ready to order, go to our site.

What are the healing properties of cinnamon?

Melissa Cassell

Cinnamon has been called a “super spice,” that is because of its incredible health benefits. Cinnamon has been scientifically studied for decades and proven to be quite powerful. Anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes should be taking cinnamon daily. It has been shown to help prevent diabetes because it naturally lowers blood sugar levels. It is also believed to help the body be more effective at using insulin which is the hormone vital to balancing blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon has other healing properties too. It is an antioxidant, helps in cancer prevention, lipid fat lowering, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and supports healthy heart health, among other things!  

Currently, it is being studied to see its effect on the brain. Cinnamon is believed by many to help people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's. Exciting right?  

A great way to have cinnamon daily is in our organic yerba mate blend. “Detox” “Iced” and “Skinny” are chock full of cinnamon and are delicious to boot! Have it iced or hot, these tea blends will help you get your daily dose of cinnamon! A tu vida sana!