Things I Am Thankful For

This has been an incredible year.  I have connected with so many of you and have been able to share this ritual of “sharing a mate.”  Growing up, having the mate and bombilla out “on the counter” was a bit forbidden.  My father always feared that people who had come to visit would think that we were doing drugs.  So, to have “come out” with my gourds and have the freedom to open a business around these little cups and metallic straws, I feel truly blessed.

The people I have met as I have put out my hand and heart with “Love From Argentina,” have been incredible.  It is due to them that I have changed and grown and learned so much.

Life is so stressful for so many of us.  Many in my circle are dealing with health issues.  Many are having relationship and financial issues.  Between racial strife, social injustice, predatory behaviors and politics, there seems to be frustration and an all around feeling of not being able to effect change.  Just about everyone is stressed.  It could be the “immediacy” of the internet, the state of our country, the state of the planet or that some of us have adolescents in our house!  There is stress.

It is my hope and dream that as the years go by, more and more of us will find a reason to sit and share our thoughts, ideas and dreams.  I believe that through thoughtful dialogue and challenging conversations that we will change and progress.  I see mate somehow aiding that process.  I do have hope.  I do have gratitude.

Showing Gratitude

Sometimes we say thank you, and sometimes we can show it in a donation.  How is your charitable muscle?  Do you give?  Where do you give?

I learned a powerful lesson from an incredibly strong teacher.  She told a story of how even when she had very little money, she would take time and consider her charitable donations.  She discussed how she would sit on the floor with all the solicitation letters from different charities around her.  And, even if it was a few dollars, we should take the time to thoughtfully write a check as if it were for a million dollars.  That story taught me so much.  Previously, I thought I had nothing to give.  With her story, that belief shifted.  I realized, that even $5 or $10 made a difference, my voice was heard.  That “micro” gift made a difference.

Here are some of the organizations I gave to.  What are yours?

Burleigh Manor Sanctuary

Rescues large farm animals like pigs, goats and horses and gives them a healing and loving place to live.

3950 White Rose Way

Ellicott City, MD. 21042


Planned Parenthood

Because women require medical care.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc.,

123 William St

10th Floor

New York, NY. 10038


Pumpkin Theatre

Children’s Theatre that is doing amazing work with the children of Baltimore.

6013 Eunice Ave.

Baltimore, MD. 21214