My name is Ana Goldseker and for me, Argentina has always been magical.  Since I was a little girl, at each family gathering, I remember my grandmother, my aunts and my mother sharing yerba mate tea with me. In fact, yerba maté was always shared. Yerba is the great equalizer. All generations -- moms and dads, aunts and uncles -- sat around a table, shared yerba mate, stories, updates, heartbreak and laughter.

This baby…that’s me! My father took this in Argentina before we immigrated. I drank maté when I was little and always have. My daughter has too. 

I was born in Argentina and grew up drinking "Yerba Mate." Yerba Mate is an herbal infusion, often centered around a social, ritualistic moment with the intent of being present in the moment and connecting people. In Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chili and parts of Brazil, Yerba is present in nearly every home – It is a big part of the social culture. 

When I was pregnant and told to ‘quit the coffee,’ I turned to yerba maté. Yes, it has caffeine, but the caffeine is quite different from the caffeine in coffee. It is a healthier drink chock full of minerals and probiotics. Since the pregnancy, I’ve never gone back. Forget your lattes, your energy drinks, your bottled teas… yerba maté is for real. Talk about energy boosting, health promoting, anti-inflammatory and craving reducing. Yerba maté is where it’s at.  

With 20+ years as a plant-based nutritional counselor, a few years ago I decided I wanted to be inspired, to inspire others and to heal. I wanted to take my message deeper and to create organic yerba healing blends. That’s because in addition to loving it, I’ve learned how incredible it is.

Here in the US, Yerba Mate is commercialized and often seen in cans with high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives. As a Director of Nutrition for multiple wellness centers, and an advocate of teaching about the health benefits for plant-based diets, I felt compelled to bring Yerba to the US, and empowered to educate on its powerful message and health benefits.

Yerba can be as deep as an experience as one chooses: Whether a simple tea bag, an infusion with loose leaf and coffee press, or using the authentic “mate” vessel and “bombilla” strainer straw. The Mate and Bombillas are also a great way for self-expression, as they are often hand-crafted and can be as unique as the person who drinks from it.

Yerba is a superfood, with many health benefits such as being an adaptogen and having anti-inflammatory properties.  Yerba from Love From Argentina is made from all natural ingredients that are sourced from South America, and there are numerous blends and flavors to deliver different results. For healing and medicinal purposes, CBD can be infused to help with inflammation, pain, anxiety and healing.

Yerba maté has incredible synergistic properties. That means, any herb you mix it with, will have increased effects. It’s also an herbal "booster." That’s why our unique blends are mixed with different herbs for specific healing effects. We use turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and other herbs in our blends. 

Currently, Love From Argentina Yerba is sold at wellness centers, weight-loss centers, cafes, dispensaries and other fine retailers. I am always looking to build awareness of Yerba and the tranquility that it represents.

Thank you for visiting Love from Argentina. I know once you’ve try our blends, you’ll be on the yerba maté journey too!