What To Do For The Flu?

First off, when you start feeling scratchy, itchy and mucous-y, stop the dairy. If you have stopped dairy, then we can talk! You see, the dairy will make your recovery slower and more painful. Dairy creates mucous, and as the body is trying to rid itself of the infection and other toxins, you do not want to over tax it or slow this process.

Second - drink yerba! Yerba Mate is loaded with antioxidants.  In fact, there have been studies to show that yerba is ranked highest in antioxidant compounds when compared to other teas. What better “flu shot” than yerba mate? Not only does  Yerba contain a high amount of anti-oxidants that promote a whole range of health benefits, but it is also the process of drinking warm tea itself that is healing.  Yerba is alkalizing, which helps the “acidic” flu state. It also has 24 vitamins and minerals as well as 15 amino acids that will nutritionally support your body as it fights to find balance again.

We can’t promise that one sip will immediately cure the flu, but we can say it will definitely make you feel better, stronger and most say “cut the time” you feel flu like symptoms.