Why Yerba Mate is so Important

Having Yerba Mate with my sweet friend Alina

Having Yerba Mate with my sweet friend Alina

The story of SoulMate Yerba started with a simple wish… I wanted to have people to share the yerba mate ritual with me. I made a huge move in my 50’s. I moved from the west coast to the east coast. I had to find others to bond with. Sharing yerba mate is a great way to do that. So, with gourd in hand, I went store to store, explaining the magic of yerba.

I invited small groups of people over. Some I knew well, and others I had just met. I gave lessons on drinking yerba and gave them some to take home. Little by little, it started to catch on. Friends started teaching their friends. 

I started videotaping tutorials on how to make mate. People would come up to me in public places telling me they saw it and wanted to try drinking mate. So, it is catching on. The magic is being felt.

My name is Ana and about three years ago, I created SoulMate Yerba Company (changed from "Love from Argentina") with the help of some incredible people, a little bit of grace and tons of encouragement. I am grateful for all of those that have trusted and believed in me.

 Throughout my life, when I have brought up the topic of yerba mate, most had never even heard of it. When I have shown someone a mate and bombilla, I heard "Cute pencil holder!" I realize trying to bring a new product on the market is not an easy task, or for the weak of heart. Still, I have hope because when I show them how to use it, most have an "aha" moment.

 Sometimes I really worry. I think about my company and wonder if I am crazy. What am I doing? Will Americans catch on? I look at other yerba companies out there that are successful and see what they are doing. It is mostly a bottled product, will people like the actual “ritual” of drinking mate?  I find inspiration from these bigger companies. You see, they are showing that at least americans like yerba. It is so impressive, we are all breaking ground, we are setting little sparks into the air and igniting something.... some have bigger sparks than others, but for now, I am ok with that. 

I believe in my heart that we, as Americans, are wanting a better way. We see how “busy” we are, and we feel how polarized we are. We get it, that we are in need of a huge "connection" redirection. As a culture we are too divided, too separated and alone. 

 Could it be that sharing yerba with each other is part of the answer? Can it be that sitting down with each other and finally having the difficult conversations we have been avoiding will heal us. Could it be that we are finally ready to put time together as a priority rather than a luxury? 

 Want to join me on our revolution?