"balance" Organic Yerba Blend

"balance" Organic Yerba Blend

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This new blend is the perfect way to to destress and get grounded. The ingredients create an overall feeling of alertness, calm and wellbeing. These herbs added to the yerba help support mental stability.



-Helps reduce anxiety

-lowers signs of depression

- lowers stress

-soothes stomach disorders

-helps with detox like headaches

-helps reduce inflammation

-helps arthritis

-reduces heart disease


- helps in reducing signs of aging, wrinkles and age

-supports heart health

-immune-system boosting

-helps increase energy levels. 

- it is an adaptogen. (adaptogens are nutrients that change their function depending on what the body needs)

-stress reduction

- By improving overall health, metabolism and hormonal balance 

-boosts immune system


- powerful anti-inflammatory effects

-strong antioxidant.

-Improved Brain Function 

-Helps treat depression


-helps with absorption of curcumin

-improved metabolism

-raises dopamine and serotonin

-improves memory and mental skills 

Coconut Sugar

-Adds sweetness


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“balance” has organic yerba mate at the base because yerba is an herbal "booster."  This blend is your powerful weapon against anxiety, stress and toxins.  Use this blend if you are trying to reduce your stress, heal from an illness, or going through a life transition.

Keep in mind that yerba mate has adaptogenic properties. It is an herb that nourishes the adrenals and offers stress support.  This means that the body can "adapt" to stress better.   

Organic Yerba Mate – filled with antioxidants, sugar free

Boil method
Use 1 tbsp of blend in 2 cups of water.  Simmer for about 2 minutes (can simmer longer, to get more robust flavor)
Strain out leaves (can use tea ball, strainer, or coffee press)
Sweeten to taste
Drink hot or refrigerate to drink cold

Steeping method
Put 1 tbsp of blend in steeping container (pot, mug, coffee press or other filters)
Boil 2 cups of water
Pour water over loose-leaf tea and let sit about 4 minutes.  (The longer it steeps, the more robust the flavor.  Careful not to steep too long as the tea can get bitter)
Strain out leaves
Sweeten to taste

All teas can be used hot or cold after steeping. We suggest drinking “balance” in the morning on an empty stomach and then again in the afternoon to get the full effects.