Yerba Mate and Weight Loss

Do you want to know more about my experience with Yerba Mate Weight Loss?

Mate Tea or Yerba Mate Tea is a drink that has been enjoyed in South America for centuries. My parents and grandparents were raised on it, as was I. I love this drink and have it every day.

I had two major weight loss events in my life and I think that it has been due to drinking yerba mate.

When I was 38, I became pregnant with my first and only child. I had been living in Los Angeles at the time, and, as was customary, was drinking coffee daily. Coffee was not only something I drank socially but also made it at home as the first drink of the day.

When I was told to get off of coffee due to my pregnancy, I turned to the wisest woman I knew, my grandmother. She told me to switch to yerba mate. So, I turned to the second wisest woman I knew (well, third, if you count my mom!) my midwife. After she did some research, she gave me the big "ok."

So, out came my "yerba mate set" of my mate gourd, my mate straw or bombilla and my thermos. I drank every day of my pregnancy. I had a strong pregnancy and other than a little morning sickness, did just great. I delivered a healthy and huge (ouch!) baby girl at 39 years of age.

To get the weight off after the birth, I doubled up on my yerba. I had it in the morning and then in the afternoons in between breastfeeding. In a couple of months, my body was not just at a normal weight, but actually, I was thinner than my pre-pregnancy weight. I attribute that to the amazing appetite suppressing benefits of the yerba.

The second event was after a major death in my family. I had spent quite a few month "supporting" the caregiver. Those of you who have done this will recognize the toll and stress this puts on you and your life. The last couple of weeks, I was eating foods that were more comforting than healing. By the time I could return to my life, I was not only depressed, but I was exhausted as well as up quite a few pounds.

I became diligent with my habit of drinking yerba mate. It helped me get back on track with my habits. It gave me energy to get back to work, and also lifted my mood enough to make decisions and get out of the present state. Here again, I not only lost the extra weight, but also went down in weight. I went down a good 16 pounds in fact.

While I can't promise these results to everyone, I can tell you, that taking steps in self-care can only help. Making sure you are eating foods that are right for you and drinking things that heal and don't produce acid, are key. To find out more, or to order your own blend (we have many yerba mate flavors!) go to

Yerba Mate has a host of benefits including being rich in nutrients which help support the dieter.  Yerba has a large amount of vitamins and minerals that really help alleviate hunger and cravings including some B vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Niacin and magnesium.