Improve Weight Loss with Yerba Mate

Do you want to be able to lose weight naturally?  Without pills, calorie restriction or hours of daily workouts?  If so, consider adding Yerba mate to your daily nutritional weight loss plan.  

Currently, Yerba mate is being used in many supplements on the market now.  Why?  It is nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, aids in boosting metabolism, and helps to curb a sweet tooth.

Yerba Mate is an herb that grows in South America.  This herb is picked, dried and used in many ways, such as making a brewed tea, supplements, creams, and ointments.  While you can take Yerba mate in supplement form, I don't recommend it because it is usually substandard in quality.  Ingesting actual yerba mate is more powerful and is most effective when you drink it.

Yerba Mate has a form of caffeine called mateine.  It has fewer side effects than the regular caffeine with which most of us are accustomed.  Mateine has a longer, more "mellow" kind of feeling.  Also, it is less likely to make you jittery.  There also isn't the "drop off" most are used to from coffee.  Mateine can help increase metabolism, creative clarity, and energy.

Adaptogenic Herb
It is an adaptogenic herb.  Although it contains Mateine, it can also have a calming effect.  This calming helps with cravings.  More calm means less stress eating.

Gut Health
Yerba Mate helps alleviate constipation and aids in overall gut health.  That helps with not only detoxification but also less bloating.

Your Weight Loss Plan
I am a nutritional counselor. When discussing weight loss with a client, I start first with whole foods.  Nothing can be accomplished until someone "gets" that the road to weightloss is actually THORUGH good nutrition.  Once a client understands this, then we can address individual issues.  Cravings, overeating and low energy are some of the major culprits that derail people.  That's where yerba mate comes in.  Having a drink of yerba mate in the morning and then again when cravings tend to hit in the afternoon is a great plan.  Achieve your goals more easily.   Choose yerba mate!

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Yerba Mate – energy and metabolism boost, sugar-free
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