Custom Yerba Mate "Skinny Tea" Blend

I was getting prepared for our sale this Saturday, June 3rd at URBN Market in Potomac, MD.  So proud of our new Yerba Mate Custom Blends. Each one is just overflowing with amazing organic ingredients. I wanted to take a little time and share some of the amazing benefits that can be gained from our "Skinny Tea" blend.

Yerba Mate – energy and metabolism boosting, sugar-free

Organic Goji Berries- antioxidants, promotes healthy skin, stabilize blood sugar, detoxify liver, helps support mood

Cinnamon - blood sugar stabilizers, anti-oxidants

Organic Grapefruit peels - helps blood lipid levels, vitamin C, sour taste is opposite of sweet

Organic Stevia Leaves - supports healthy blood sugar levels, might give feeling of fullness

With any product, you can't say, "Oh just drink this, or just do this, and it will all be better." In other words, you can not have a pizza and then drink our "Skinny Tea Blend" and think it will all be okay. However, adding Yerba Mate into your healthy diet plan is definitely a step in the right direction.

One of the most interesting things I have find about using Yerba Mate for weight loss is the taste of "bitter." I am a huge proponent of using fruit for weight loss, but also introducing the taste of "bitter" is a must. Bitter balances out sweet and that is key when discussing cravings. You will want to add in bitter flavors to help stave off those cravings for sweets. 

When I was trying to lose weight after giving birth to my daughter, and also after a family crisis, I made sure to have Yerba Mate in the morning and then again around 3 pm. It was a big help. Both times, I was able to get below my previous weight.  

I think there were two primary reasons in addition to the normal amazing benefits of the Yerba Mate that were beneficial. Not only was my appetite hugely reduced, but the need for sweets almost disappeared. Also, the mental clarity, energy, mood-boosting as well as the taste, helped me so much. What also helped me was having the mate (gourd) and bombilla (metal strainer straw) from which to drink. I think it was just having something to do with my hands that encouraged me to stay away from the mindless eating I had been doing. The soothing effect of holding something warm, and having an activity to focus on, stopped me from getting up and searching the cabinets for something to stuff into my face.  Have you been there? I certainly have. 

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