Try Yerba Mate to Lose Weight. Bathing Suit Season is HERE!

Yerba Mate is a powerful herb with a variety of health benefits.  The ideal way to lose weight is by creating a healthy and thriving body, not because a person is restricting certain foods or starving themselves.  

No herb can claim that it will magically make excess weight disappear, however, there are certain elements contained in Yerba Mate that will help you to lose weight.  Yerba Mate might be the secret ingredient to achieving natural, sustainable and healthy weight loss.

1. Appetite Suppressant
Yerba Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and a ton of antioxidants. It is an incredibly nourishing herb that includes fatty acids, carotene, chlorophyll, polyphenols and pantothenic acid. When ingested, it is rejuvenating, gives you boosts of mental clarity as well as increases energy.  A well-nourished body is more likely to be able to regulate appetite and keep hunger at bay.  Many people experience less hunger and fewer cravings when drinking mate. 

2. Anti-Inflammatory  
When the body is unhealthy, or too acidic, there is a lot of inflammation.  That inflammation makes it difficult to work out or even have the energy to do day to day tasks.  Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D. wrote, “Yerba Mate is an invigorator of the mind and body. It is a health promoter and deserves the attention of every person interested in optimum health." (Source) A healthy body has fewer cravings, more energy and better mental focus allowing you to accomplish what you need to on a balanced wellness and exercise plan.

3. Detoxification  
A number of stimulants are derived from xanthine, including caffeine. Yerba mate is a xanthine and a mild diuretic. It also promotes a healthy colon by softening any “backup” that is in there, but also stimulating normal peristalsis. Many people who suffer from mild or acute constipation can find relief with Yerba Mate.

4. Improves Sleep
Sleep regulates metabolism, normalizes hunger and gives you the energy to accomplish an effective workout.  Without sleep, your cravings increase, hormones become imbalanced and belly fat increases.  Unlike coffee which keeps you awake, yerba mate helps promote deeper sleep patterns, therefore supporting weight loss that comes from a well-rested body.

5. Mood Enhancer
Many people overeat due to depression or a low mood, while others eat because they have anxiety or scattered energy.  Yerba mate is an adaptogenic herb, so it can help a weakened system due to depression get stronger or neutralize an overstimulated one.  There was a 2010 study that was published in the "American Journal of Public Health" that showed participating individuals who reported feeling “sad and lonely” tended to rely more on high-calorie comfort foods than participants not reporting this negative mood.  The researchers concluded that the better the mood, the easier it is for the participant to be motivated to lose weight and stay on a plan. 

6. Better Energy Levels  
The more energy you have, the more motivated you are to move, to workout, to make your own food and take care of your overall wellness. Yerba mate contains high levels of caffeine, but the caffeine in a mate has been shown to improve creative clarity and focus over an extended period of time without the jittery effect that is felt when drinking coffee.

7.  Ritual Keeps Your Hands and Mind Occupied
If you are trying to stay away from certain foods, idle time could be the enemy.  Having a ritual that is both healing and rejuvenating can be effective in helping transition away from the habit of mindless eating.  Drinking yerba from a gourd (mate) with a bombilla (diffusor straw), creates a ritual, or an “experience” that allows the mind to rest and refocus.

The benefits of Yerba Mate should not be ignored. Drink it to lose weight, as an anti-inflammatory, detox, improve sleep, enhance mood, and increase energy levels.