"Skinny Tea" Organic Yerba Maté Blend

"Skinny Tea" Organic Yerba Maté Blend

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"Skinny" Tea Bags with CBD now avail!!

Have you heard of the "yerba diet?"  Or "yerba mate diet?"  Looking for help losing weight?  Do you feel you always need sweets?  Need help reducing cravings? 

This is it!   

Drink our yerba mate "Skinny" daily for visible results.  Skinny Tea will fuel your goals because it is packed with nourishing nutrients that will boost metabolism, reduce cravings for sweets and help curb your appetite.  Watch your cravings and hunger weaken as you drink in a cup of this delicious infusion.  Drink a mug (1 tea bag or 1 tbsp of the loose leaf tea) in the morning and another mug (1 tea bag or 1 tbsp of the loose leaf tea) in the afternoon around 3pm.

The benefits increase from there.   Yerba mate has adaptogenic properties. It is an herb that nourishes the adrenals and offers stress support.  This means that the body can "adapt" to stress better.   Most report that anxiety and overwhelm are greatly reduced when they drink this tea.

Yerba Mate – energy and metabolism boost, sugar free

Organic Goji Berries- - anti-oxidants, promotes healthy skin, stabilize blood sugar, detoxify liver, helps support mood

Cinnamon - stabilize blood sugar levels

Organic Grapefruit peels - helps blood lipid levels, vitamin C, sour taste is opposite of sweet

Organic Stevia leaves - supports healthy blood sugar levels, might give feeling of fullness

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Hemp and Yerba Tea Bags (10 bags) $23.00

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Boil method
Use 1 tbsp of blend in 2 cups of water.  Simmer for about 2 minutes (can simmer longer, to get more robust flavor)
Strain out leaves (can use tea ball, strainer, or coffee press)
Sweeten to taste
Drink hot or refrigerate to drink cold

Steeping method
Put 1 tbsp of blend in steeping container (pot, mug, coffee press or other filters)
Boil 2 cups of water
Pour water over loose-leaf tea and let sit about 4 minutes.  (The longer it steeps, the more robust the flavor.  Careful not to steep too long as the tea can get bitter)
Strain out leaves
Sweeten to taste

All teas can be used hot or cold after steeping.