Yerba Maté Gourd Cup Copper Accents, Balled Feet

Yerba Maté Gourd Cup Copper Accents, Balled Feet


These beautiful cups have been made from an actual gourd. The exteriors have been hand painted and the interiors have been scraped and dried out for use with a bombilla and Yerba mate. These natural gourds are the way Yerba mate was used by the indigenous Indians that first discovered the miraculous properties of Yerba mate. The colors of these gourds have a depth and change with the different characteristics of the gourd. They give a natural and authentic feel to the experience of drinking mate.  

After each use (about 10-15 times of pouring water and sipping the infusion) just empty the leaves, rinse and leave out to air dry. The gourd is actually thought to add flavor and nourishment to the Yerba. Over time, the mate cup will cure and get "seasoned."  As the months go by, it will get more wonderful with each use. Your cup should last for years this way. 

You will notice that the inside is rough to the touch. That will help the leaves find their place around the gourd.  Do not scrape it yourself. Also, since the work on the gourd has been done by hand, you will want to place something under it the first few uses in case the color runs.

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