New Year’s Resolution – Get off Coffee

Why is coffee bad?  Here is the scoop on coffee VS Yerba Mate.

Get off coffee and switch to Yerba mate. Yerba mate is more healing for the body and softer on the system.  

Most people dealing with weight loss, have trouble in the afternoon staying away from sugar, so they reach for a cup of coffee. What they don’t realize though is that coffee might make the cravings come back even stronger. Test this for yourself! Yerba Mate has the same caffeine boosting effect as coffee, but there is not the big “drop off” that normally occurs with coffee.

Coffee is one of the most highly pesticide-laden products of our time. We offer an “organic” for of yerba mate.

Coffee is quite acidic and rough on the digestion. Yerba Mate is loaded with pre-biotics and nutrition, actually healing the digestive tract rather than tearing it down.

Yerba Mate affords many health benefits that coffee does not have like adaptogenic and antioxidant components.  

Many use coffee for the big burst of energy it gives them, not realizing that there will be a crash and possibly cravings that also come from it. Yerba Mate has a better boost of energy because there are no jitters and no “come down.”

No beverage compares to yerba mate when we are talking about health benefits. Boasting 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids, yerba mate is like green tea “on crack.” It is a super charged power drink.