It's Time To Try Yerba Mate

I know all the good that Yerba mate has done for me.  I have also seen what it has done for a whole community.  Now, it was time to see what it did for others, specifically Americans!!  So I tested it out, I tested it out a lot.  I gave it to friends, family, strangers and clients.  I held taste testings in stores, my home, my office, and studios.

I almost felt like I was in that "Life" Cereal commercial, where they give the little boy the cereal to try knowing he will hate it.  And yet, when he tries it, they are all amazed at how much he loved it.  So, I totally had a "Hey Mikey, he likes it!" moment with the Yerba mate.

1.  Decreases Appetite
Many of my clients reported that they do not come home with the huge hunger they used to.  It seemed that the afternoon hunger was helped so much by the mate.

2.  Helps with Cravings
I had quite a few clients tell me that they normally crave sweets around 3 pm, and using the mate stopped that.  WOW!  Yerba Mate helps with blood sugar regulation, and usually, it is when the blood sugar dips that cravings occur.

3.  Weight Loss
Due to all of this change in food habits, and lowering of fatty and sugary food, some of my clients lost weight.  This happens due to the high concentration of Chlorogenic Acidso it promotes weight loss and enhances fat metabolism as well as containing saponins and caffeoylquinic Acids which help with weight loss and inflammation.

4.  Increased Mental Focus
Two of my clients took exams after drinking mate and reported incredible clarity and focus.  In fact, both had issues with that in the past.  So, this was a huge benefit.

5.  Transportable
It is amazing and fun to bring mate on a plane, to a park, on a hike and especially to work.

6.  Easy to Share
Yerba Mate is a great REASON to have people over.  There is something so special about offering someone a "mate" rather than just a "cup" of tea.

7.  Incredible Health Boost
In researching the health benefits of Yerba mate, I am overwhelmed with how amazing it is.  Yerba mate is green tea in 5th gear.  There is so much to this loose leaf Yerba.    It is mineral rich and loaded with amino acids and anti-oxidants.

8. Improved Mood
So many clients told me how "good" they felt.  They told me the overall "positive" feeling that came with drinking Yerba mate.  Yerba mate has caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline which are natural energizers.

9.  Calmness
Many reported that the drinking of mate helped them to reduce stress and relax.  Better sleep was also reported.

Here's a short video about the different types of mates and how to cure them. Salud! 

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