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10805 Linson Road
Owings Mills, MD, 21117
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Yerba Mate Tea is an herb that has been made into an infusion for centuries.  It has incredible healing and weight loss properties that strengthen and tone the body.  We have organic yerba mate flavors, yerba mate sets, mate straws or bombillas and yerba mate gourds.  These are great gifts.

Travel Mate w/ Lid


Travel Mate w/ Lid

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travel mate 1.jpg
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Travel Mate w/ Lid


Stainless Steel and BPA Free!

This is a lightweight, metal cup that holds up to 8 oz.  It has incredible temperature retention.  If you put cold liquid in, it will stay cold for hours.  Hot stays hot!

Do not put in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer.  Wash gently by hand so as not to scratch the outside or dent.

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This perfect metallic mate is great for travel, office or classroom use.  Keeps hot things hot, cold things cold.  The "spill-free" lid fits snuggly on the cup leaving little chance of any spills.

Bombilla sold seperatly.