Need A Boost?

We have been seeing the small energy shots of yerba mate in the stores. Have you seen them? They are a great boost and pick me up, but not the most delicious or beneficial way to have mate. That is why we are encouraging drinking yerba mate the authentic way, with a mate and bombilla!

Yerba Mate has a long list of health benefits along with providing a great energy boost. That is because in addition to the caffeine, it has other properties that help the body adapt to different situations. This is called an "adaptogenic" effect. Yerba mate will not give you the big "high and crash" that coffee usually does.

I have been suggesting yerba mate to my clients that have energy dips in the afternoon, especially if they are reaching for sweets during that time. My clients tell me that the Yerba mate will give them an alert feeling without any of the jittery feelings that coffee gives them. They also report a huge reduction in appetite which has made my job a lot easier!!

Below are some of the other amazing benefits of drinking yerba mate. If you are interested in incorporating yerba mate into your daily health routine, please check out our Starter Kit with your choice of glass lined mate, bombilla, and mate -

• Helps with weight reduction
• Increases mental Focus
• Increases Strength, Energy, and Endurance
• Reduces Blood Pressure
• Reduces Cholesterol
• Helps with fatigue by boosting energy
• Has Antioxidants
• Has 15 Amino Acids and 24 Vitamins and Minerals
• Strengthens the Immune System
• Natural help for constipation
• Rejuvenates
• Breaks Down Fat (Lipolytic)
• Supports healthy sleep
• Diuretic