Can Yerba Maté Increase your Energy? Hell yeah!


Are you in need of more energy?  Do you feel like you’re dragging a lot?  Are you using coffee and energy drinks more than you think you should?  If so, beware!  Overuse of these drinks put a huge tax on the system and you will have a huge payment to pay in the end.  Too much sugar and the wrong caffeine deplete the adrenals leaving you more exhausted than you were before.  Over time, other functions will lose steam also.

If you are needing more energy, of course the best thing to do is figure out why.  Work on adding in naps, and schedule more downtime.  In this day and age of cell phones and instant news and refined foods and pesticides.... there is a ton of stress on the system.  Is it too much stress?  This is more than we have had in the past.  It is super easy to be running on an empty tank.  Sometimes it might feel like you are being dragged through life by your hair.  So, first, you want to figure out what the external factors are and do your best to mitigate them.  

The natural thing to do when needed more energy is to reach for a stimulant.  Sugar is a stimulant, so are potato chips.  More commonly, people reach for caffeine like an energy shot or coffee.  These products will lift you and give you a boost of energy, but quickly drop you.

You will feel great for a time and then, when the fall comes, you will feel worse then when you had the thing in the first place.  These items rob you of future energy.  In the end, you are sacrificing health and vitality for a momentary boost.

Meanwhile, Yerba mate has been there all along - Americans are simply just discovering it!  

And, while some shy away, due to the fear of too much caffeine, here is how things shake down for an 8 oz serving….

>Coffee 85 mg
>Red Bull 80 mg
>Soda 26.4 mg
>Green Tea 20-49 mg

>>> Yerba Mate has 78 mg per 8 oz <<<

So, most likely, what you are doing, has way more caffeine and not of the nutritional benefits. Yerba Mate is an adaptogenic herb so it will not destroy your adrenals while giving you energy.  There are other benefits too, such as brain stimulation which is one of the main reasons people reach for caffeine in the first place.  So, the idea is to work on “giving your body more,” rather then taking from it!

Make sense?

Actions to take to increase energy:

-Take in whole, real natural foods.
-Stop overdoing caffeine.
-Reduce any refined food product.
-See where you can add in breaks.
-Make a list of things that “don’t serve you,” and work on releasing as many as possible.
-Eat more produce and greens
-Drink 2 cups of yerba mate tea in the morning and then again in the afternoon for a natural “lift,” and nutritional support.

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