Life Is A Little Sweeter with Stevia

Growing up, I used sugar to sweeten my mate. My grandmother used to drink mate through a sugar cube placed between her front teeth!! Later in life, I had major weight issues and searched for solutions. I needed to sweeten my mate and used artificial sweeteners. Those sweeteners came with a host of side effects. Thirst, sweet cravings, hormonal changes.... as you can imagine this was not the perfect solution for someone wanting to lose weight.

Enter Stevia!

For the last 10 years, I have been drinking yerba mate sweetened with stevia.

As a nutritional counselor, I love the health benefits of stevia. Stevia is a blood sugar stabilizer and actually helps with weight loss as opposed to artificial sweeteners. It won't give you the sugar drop or make you crave. Now that I am at a weight that feels good to me, I use stevia for everything it continues to do for me.

I was tickled to hear that stevia is actually a South American herb that had been used for centuries by the Guarani Indians. They, in fact, would chew the leaves as they drank mate. I had to move half the world away to find out that stevia is actually native to where I was born!

So, stevia plus yerba mate is an incredible drink to use if you are dealing with weight issues, blood sugar issues, constant hunger, cravings, sugar binges, digestive issues and hormonal changes. This combination is so incredibly healing and revitalizing. Try Yerba Mate and feel the health benefits for yourself.