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Love From Buenos Aries: Journey of the Soul

Pamela Saunders

This past week, I have been in Argentina.  There was a trip organized by the Lions Club of the Jewish National Foundation. I am a member and decided to go and be a tourist in a country, that is mine, and is not mine, all at the same time.  I so crave being with my family in Argentina that when I visit, I am spending all of my time with them.  So, sightseeing isn't usually on the agenda.  I know the inside of their homes, but nothing about the park with the statue down the street.

When the opportunity came up to do an organized tour, I was really curious and signed up.  I was drawn to it!  I kept telling my husband, "I must go, I must go."  And yet, when people asked me why I would ever do a tour down here, I couldn't explain why.

I am so glad that I decided to do this.  I've gotten to see Buenos Aires in a whole new light.  I have been able to see historical sights and learn about local events.  I have gone into buildings that I have driven by a million times before, but never made the time to go in.  I am in awe.  If you ever get a chance to visit the city, jump on it.  You will not be disappointed.

Yesterday, I went into a religious building.  When I stepped through the doors, I knew in my heart that the architect of this magnificent building, the artist that designed this brick and mortar hall, knew that he wanted to take people's breath away.  He was able to create a sense of beauty, openness, and awe out of hard stone, cement, glass and steel.  I was literally brought to tears when I entered the building.  My mind kept thinking that if there was a god, surely he/she exists here.

We began our visit hearing words from a Rabbi, an Imam, a member of the LGBT community, and a priest's representative.  Imagine starting a religious service like that.  What openness!  Talk about modern and forward thinking.

I am grateful to be on this trip.  It has definitely been a journey of the soul and I have gotten so much more out of this than what I had signed up for.