Yerba Mate: Anyone else drinking this?

When I got pregnant, I was advised to stop coffee. I was so addicted, I thought I would just die without it. Until, I remembered my beloved mate!!! I started drinking then and have never stopped. I didn't need to pick up coffee again.

Yerba Mate is a drink that is commonly used in Argentina. In fact, one of my favorite things to do, when there, is to go to my cousins house and drink it with them. Here at home, I have it every morning. I have it alone, so not as fun, but still, I just love it.

Yerba Mate has a ton of nutritional advantages that I have benefitted from. It is high in vitamins A, C, B and E. It is loaded with calcium, iron and magnesium, It gives you that "lift" without the drop. I so highly recommend it that I have started carrying it for my clients. Next month, I plan on going back to Argentina, so place your orders now!

This picture is my morning routine. The "mate" itself was given to me by a cousin. They can be made out of a gourd or be more decorative such as this one. The metal straws, or "bombilla" has holes at the bottom. You pour hot water over the tea leaves and drink through the metal straw. I sweeten mine with stevia leaves, but you can use regular stevia or other sweeteners. Some even prefer to drink it plain or "amargo."

You can get yerba mate in a can for sure. You can also get it at some local coffee shops. But, I find it best made at home. It's delicious!

Anyone else drinking this?

Ana Goldseker