My Grandmother's Kitchen

This picture makes me so happy.  I start to tear up and my belly softens.   It was taken in my grandmother's kitchen, one of my favorite places on earth.  

Growing up, any time spent with my grandmother in Argentina was a luxury.  I remember other kids moaning and groaning about being forced to spend an evening with their grandparents and me just craving that luxury.

I adored my grandmother.  She was a tough woman who had endured so much.  She loved all of her grandchildren and I know we all felt it.  My sister and I were really silly with her and she was so ok with that.  We could talk about sex or the latest fashions.  She was modern, creative and wore heels even when walking the city streets.  I craved being with her.  Her kitchen was always busy with family, cooking, and gatherings.  The smell was always intoxicating.  I miss her...I still miss her.

Here is what is amazing - I never took one second with her for granted.  Since I only got to see her about once a year, it was special.  

It goes without saying that my grandmother and I drank mate together.  The way she drank it was interesting. She would put a sugar cube between her front teeth and sip the tea through that.  Then, she would place the remainder of the sugar cube on a dish.  I don't think that would go over too well here in the states.  After that, she'd pour more water over the mate and place it in front of me.  

We would always share the same straw, no words needed to be exchanged.  I knew that was a show of love.  My grandmother and me, sharing our love and sharing a moment together.  Sweet.  That feeling will stay with me always.