CBD Infused Yerba Maté Blends

CBD Infused Yerba Maté Blends


Enjoy any of our 8 custom Yerba Mate blends with the added benefits of CBD! Sold in convenient tea bag form, each bag contains 8 mcg of organic, hemp-derived CBD. Yerba boasts many health benefits, here are just a few -

  • Helps with alertness

  • Less jittery form of caffiene

  • More anti-oxidants then green tea

  • Enhances physical performance

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Natural weight loss

  • Help with smoking cessation

All blends contain 10 CBD infused tea bags with 8 mcg CBD in each bag.

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“Original” Organic Yerba Mate Blend -

This is a blend of three organic yerbas that produce a smooth and non - acidic blend. Served hot or cold this blend is the perfect drink for those craving the authentic yerba mate experience.

“Balance” Organic Yerba Mate Blend -

This new blend is the perfect way to to destress and get grounded. The ingredients create an overall feeling of alertness, calm and wellbeing. These herbs added to the yerba help support mental stability. Ingredients: Tulsi, Astralagus, Turmeric, Peperine, Coconut Sugar

“Detox” Organic Yerba Mater Blend -

Delicious organic blend using yerba as a base and Turmeric as the healing “booster.” This blend is a power house of anti-inflammatory properties. Can be enjoyed hot or cold.

“Skinny Tea” Organic Yerba Mate Blend -

“Skinny” is a fruity yerba mate blend. Drink twice daily for visible results. Skinny yerba tea will fuel your goals because it is packed with nourishing nutrients that will boost your metabolism and help curb your appetite.

“Sweet” Organic Yerba Mate Blend -

This spicy and extra-ordinary infusion will refresh and awaken your senses. It not only hydrates, it stimulates on many levels! It comes in loose leaf or tea bag form and can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is a citrusy sweet blend that works well for energizing and re-invigorating the senses.

“Sleep” Chamomile Blend -

No caffeine! Chamomile, Rose, Apple and cinnamon. Delicious Blend for sleepy time!

“Apple” Organic Yerba Mate Blend -

This delicious yerba blends has hints of cinnamon and apple flavors. There are actual dried apples and cinnamon sticks in the blend. Can be served hot or cold.

“Mocha” Organic Yerba Mate Vegan Blend -

Mocha Blend is about contrasting flavors that are beautifully orchestrated to create intelligent yet decadent drinking. This rich, delicious blend is an incredible mood lifter without the diary. “Mocha” is chock full of organic coffee, rich cocoa and coconut cream.

If you have never had yerba mate, you are in for a treat. We use yerba mate in all of our blends because of the effects it has on the body. Much healthier than coffee, you will feel the energy and uplift of yerba mate immediately. Vida Sana from my family to yours.

Boil method

  1. Use 1 tbsp of blend in 2 cups of water. Simmer for about 2 minutes (can simmer longer, to get more robust flavor)

  2. Strain out leaves (can use tea ball, strainer, or coffee press)

  3. Sweeten to taste

  4. Drink hot or refrigerate to drink cold

Steeping method

  1. Put 1 tbsp of blend in steeping container (pot, mug, coffee press or other filters)

  2. Boil 2 cups of water

  3. Pour water over loose-leaf tea and let sit about 4 minutes. (The longer it steeps, the more robust the flavor. Careful not to steep too long as the tea can get bitter)

  4. Strain out leaves

  5. Sweeten to taste

  6. All teas can be used hot or cold after steeping.